Automated Real-time

Assortment Manager

Managing your store was never that simple!

Developed by
retailers, for retailers

A Tool inspired by our previous retail management experience with


Traditional Retail
Is Slowing Down

The scale of information that managers analyze daily is infinite.

Let the automation help you to accelerate

We are NOT just an analytical tool

Store Management

Open Retail provides stores with:
- EBITDA improvement strategies
- Inventory reduction possibilities
- Sales, marketing, and pricing recommendations
- New product development scenarios


SaaS Cloud Based Solution

How It Works?

Store Management Automation In 3 steps




Data-driven insights and recommendations




Assortment categorization and improvement

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Real-time SKU tracking and prevention of missed sales in stores

Automation results:

+ 15% sales
- 10% stock

- Monitor your TOP SKU's per store in seconds
- Automate shelf availability level
- Reduce underperforming items from each store
- Increase turnover ratio

Pricing Plans

Flexibile subscribtion plans

SaaS solution - automate your store without any integrations


ABC/GMROI assortment analytics
Automatic ABC/GMROI monitoring
Sales and store performance report
on a weekly basis.

49€ / Month
Per store


ABC/GMROI assortment analytics
Automatic ABC/GMROI monitoring
Sales and store performance report
on a daily basis.
+ Automated data-driven solutions for
your business
+ Store management module

95€ / Month
Per store


All PRO(plus) features
+ Inventory management tool
+ Auto-orders
+ Smart checkout system with self-service
+ Real-time analytics of store performance
+ Customised store management solutions
+ Personalised assortment creation module
+ Sub-lease module for retail space

Contractual / month

Why retailers choose us

Bridging the gap between supplier and retailer

OpenRetail solution empowers assortment managers (both retailers and suppliers) to correct costly execution problems in their categories.

Keeping the customers delighted to increase profit

We monitor when the most indemand products at a single store level are failing to sell to their potential and provide data driven recommendations to act effectively.

Connected big-data analytics in real-time

We track and aggregate hundreds of data points from the retailers’ sales and stock daily. It gives exceptional opportunities to create data-driven offers for retailers, FMCG/CPG companies, and ordinary shoppers.

Technology behind. Smart and scalable.

We use automation and sophisticated algorithms to accurately detect the most promising sales opportunities on a daily basis without any physical integrations.